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Organic Vegetables
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Hala Pantry is a new food club opening at St Paul’s, Hala.  


The Food at Hala Pantry would otherwise have gone to landfill, so joining the club you can feel good that you are helping to reduce food waste while topping up your weekly shop, for a small weekly membership fee.  


All food is safe to eat, but may be on a short use by date or a little after a best before date.  Do come and ask us about the difference between these dates.

All The Information...

Who is it for? - Literally anyone. Anyone who either just                          wants to top up their weekly shopping for a                      bargain price or anyone who wants to be                        economical when it comes to food waste.

WHERE? - St Paul's Hala, Hala Hill (Next to Beck View)

WHEN? - Normally every Friday, but over Christmas is a                 little different:-

              Friday 10th Dec, 
              Friday 17th Dec, 
              Wednesday 22nd Dec, 
              Wednesday 29th Dec, 
              Friday 7th Jan 

TIMES? - There will be two sessions to choose from each                 day we are open. 5pm-6pm and 6:30pm-7:30pm.

MEMBERSHIP FEE? - £4 per week. Cash Only


If you're interested in joining Hala Pantry we'd love to hear from you.
Just send us your details and we'll be in touch.

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